GODDYN joined FlandersBio

FlandersBio is the networking organization for the Life Sciences sector in Flanders.

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GODDYN assists TiGenix in deal with Takeda

GODDYN assists TiGenix in a licensing transaction with Takeda for TiGenix’s product Cx601.

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GODDYN advises on Sepcell project

GODDYN advises TiGenix for its role as consortium coordinator.

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GODDYN is a legal consulting company.

We provide a broad range of transactional and advisory capabilities to both Belgian and international clients, ranging from small-sized companies to multinational organizations.


We have expertise in the following legal areas:

  • –   Intellectual Property law
  • –   Competition law
  • –   Information & Communication Technology law
  • –   Media law
  • –   Commercial law


We assist clients in industries such as:

  • –   Pharma, Life Sciences & Health Care
  • –   Food & Nutrition
  • –   ICT & Media
  • –   Financial Institutions
  • –   Manufacturing & Industrial Services