GODDYN is an independent legal consulting firm. We practice our activity with full autonomy. Our independence renders the management of conflicts of interests easier, and the governing of our clients’ companies more secure.


We are committed to treat each request with the same diligence, and to implement all of our resources in order to respect our clients’ deadlines, since time control is also a determining criterion of quality.


We strive to be efficient and effective. We avoid treating a legal problem as an academic exercise and we do not perform time-consuming, unnecessary tasks. Through formal and informal strategic alliances, and in consultation with our clients, we assemble, deploy and manage, all resources truly needed for a task. In short, we always seek practical, cost-effective solutions.


We make a significant commitment to leverage technology for the benefit of the clients. Technology plays a key role in our ability to provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective and efficient solutions to their legal and business problems. A state-of-the-art infrastructure enables us to better communicate with our clients and provides the mechanism by which we can work with our clients in a collaborative manner.


We are an active member of international networks. This makes its international expertise grow richer. The networks organize regularly scheduled meetings and working sessions on today’s international issues. As a result of our cooperation with colleagues from abroad, our clients benefit from the expertise and the experience of specialists on legal issues that are of the utmost importance for their international development. Most of our colleagues have pursued significant training courses, or have obtained professional experience abroad, which has brought them a variety of skills and a wide open-mindedness.


Because our clients need legal services specific to their activity, the cases with which we are entrusted are analyzed in a multidisciplinary way, which encourages specific expertise and teamwork. We work through a network of national and international lawyers and experts for combining skills and experience across the various legal disciplines. We attach great value to the quality of our relations, whether it be with our clients or our hired lawyers. We are keen to preserve the human dimension of our activity which, in our eyes, is the key to efficient service and lasting partnership.


We do not deliver any standard solution to our clients. We combine technical knowledge and case specificity in order to work out relevant and personalized solutions.